Carpe Diem Ghost Writer #43 and Carpe Diem Special #142, “taking flight” by Kala Ramesh

The spring garden is full of new joy and fall leaves. I finally clear all the leaves  giving anemic plants a taste of sunlight. Overnight the weeds creep in and try to choke the flowers.  The weeds quickly ripen and as I reach to pull a handful fresh seed shoot up into the air spreading hope for a new invasion.  I brush the seeds from my hair, lay down my gloves and sigh. Tomorrow I will try again.


taking flight –
a butterfly shrugs off
its shadow                           © Kala Ramesh

taking flight –
as I pull weeds
the ripe seeds

a butterfly shrugs
off the advances
of a bumble bee

its shadow
graces my book’s white page
dragonfly  hovers



the swallowtail
lays fresh white eggs
on new fennel leaves

tiny black larva
crawl along the fennel

nearing change
fat green caterpillars
strip the fennel

small green chrysalis
gently sways in the breeze
from naked stalks

swallowtail takes flight
it’s shadow lighting on me
entering my heart

SwallowtailHatchedJuly06 (10)