Day 77- Turkey Vultures- Haibun Journey View From My Window

My window on this grey cold day is the window of the van. My first interesting sighting was a huge hawk sitting on a fence post. Then I saw a large group of turkey vultures sailing in an ever widening circle. I looked to see what they were circling and found a tree hosting the largest grouping of turkey vultures I have ever seen. There could have been hundreds. (A group of turkey Vultures is called a wake or a kettle.)

Later, I see flocks of small birds roosting in birch trees. I spy a Canadian goose gliding along at eye level across a frosted field. Then I see a frozen lake with the banks dotted with geese. A few doves and several flocks of starlings fly across my path. Soon my view is thwarted by the setting sun, a pale yellow glare gazing through the black silhouette of bare winter trees.

winter afternoon
in the glaring sun
birds fill the skies


near dusk
convention of turkey vultures
causes tree to groan