Day 72-Snow in the Kitchen- Haibun Journey View From My Window

I look out the window for signs of snow. There are none, but some packing peanuts cling to the window frame. One the porch I see a box with packing peanuts clinging to it. I laugh, at what seemed a good idea at first. I had the grandchildren put on their mittens, hats, and heavy socks. We entered the cold kitchen and opened a large box of packing peanuts. Since there hasn’t been any snow to play in we had a snowball fight in the kitchen. The kids skated in their socks and had fun throwing and dumping packing peanuts everywhere. They lay on the peanuts and made snow angels and laughed for over an hour. Grandpa came in and helped brush the small bits of styrofoam out of their hair and dust them of before sending them out of the kitchen for the cleanup. Only we had built up lots of static electricity. The peanuts were stuck to the walls, the underside of chairs and the table. Every time the dust pan was lifted up the peanuts all jumped out and scattered again. I pluck the peanut from the window and throw it away, realizing I will be finding these for along time.

zipping down the hill
snow spraying wildly
laughter ringing


without winter snow
we make our own fun
winter afternoon