Day 67 -Owl Moon — Haibun Journey View From My Window

I’m up late or rather early, cleaning and organizing art materials. I hear the wind making a whoo whooing sound outside my window. Then it changes to a high pitch lonely cry. I gaze out my window, peeking out from the clouds far over head is the first full moon of the New Year. Excitedly, rummage around in the darkened bedroom for something warm. I pull on some woolen leggings, boots, and wrap a scarf around my neck. I grab a coat at the door and hurriedly fast the top button. I drink in the cold crisp air, crunching the leaves underfoot as I round the house for a better view. The moon is spectacular and in my mind I dance by it’s light before hurrying inside for warmth.

in the crisp air
I dance
first full moon of the year


early January
lonely wind and me
under an owl moon