Day 55 Christmas — Haibun Journey View From My Window

Now that we’re done wrapping gifts, I pause to look out the window. The sky is black and I cannot see anything. A few hours earlier, after our eleven o’clock Christmas service the sky was clear overhead. For the first time in days, we could see the constellations shining bright. They lit up the sky as we drove around singing carols and looking at lights. The lights were not so spectacular but the heaven’s lights were unbelievably clear. As we pulled in and started down our drive we saw the cutest screech owl. The comical little thing was sitting in our drive way. It cast a wary glance in our direction but stayed for a few minutes. Then suddenly, its wings were out and it made a low flight and disappeared near the neighbors bushes. What a beautiful ending to a wonderful day!

the first Christmas gift
was not purchased from a store
but a manger gift


wide eyed owl
Christmas eve