Day 52 Christmas Cookies — Haibun Journey View From My Window

My kitchen window is steamed up as hot water flows into the sink. Outside it is black, but I see the reflection of the room. The kitchen table littered with bowls, and ingredients needed from our annual cookie bake off. Our feet padded with slippers against the icy cold floor, flour and sugar tracks abound. Tired and giddiness begin to set in. It is one night that you seem to come alive, where I can see a trace of you behind the fog. When I feel your love, though in seventeen years you’ve never been able to say it. A time where that beautiful smile lights your face and melts my heart.

daughter of mine 
beautiful child 
locked in anxiety


reflections in glass 
blurring the line between 
heartache and joy


sweet cinnamon
smells wafting
Christmas cookies