Day 42 Unseasonably Warm Day — Haibun Journey View From My Window

I hear junco’s twittering outside my window. Raising the shade, the sun has just begun to light the sky. I grab a jacket and head out in my stocking feet to photograph the sky. From the back porch I spy two plump little Jenny wrens picking insects from the spiders’ webs. It promises to be a warm day despite the late season and November snow. I fill the bird feeders and go into the garden to look around. On the front porch I see a box of bulbs I dug up back in August. Upon inspection, I find almost all have begun to sprout. They are a jumble of hyacinth, daffodils, paper whites and surprise lilies. I decide that I will plant them all in bowls and bring them in for Christmas blooms. But first, I will take advantage of the warm weather and hang the ribbons on the porch.

Wren’s and Junco’s
fill the air with joyous song
warm winter day


paper whites
Christmas surprise