Day 33 Yellow haze — Haibun Journey View From My Window

From my window more grey skies tinged with a yellow haze behind the pine trees. The glow reminds me of some alien invasion movie or nuclear radiation. It is probably just a street lamps glow, yet it is more fun to imagine some interesting mystery. Then I am reminded of the post from Carpe Diem where we were to write a “haiku noir.” Raymond Chandler’s 1939 The Big Sleep was the inspiration.The challenge was to write a haiku that explores the darker parts of nature — nature at the dirty edges of humanity. So let your imagination roam.

yellow haze
on a dark night
shadows lurk

alone in my room
broken laughter from the street
thick smoke and whiskey

amidst the gaiety
behind the Mardi Gras masks
shadows stalk

after the rain
grey clouds still follow
as I walk the street