Day 29 Cheshire Grin: Haibun Journey — View from my Window

High in the night sky the moon hangs plastered like the cheshire cat’s grin. My thoughts turn to childhood when we heard the moon was made of green cheese, and we often heard reference to the old man in the moon or told things happened once in a blue moon. I think about this wondrous heavenly light that changes shape and location. The moon lore can be found in the Farmer’s Almanac, science, and not so scientific stories. I wonder how many cultures see the moon as male and those that see it as female. I can picture the roman goddess, Luna riding her silver chariot across the sky; or see inuit hunter sitting in front of his igloo. The moon can heighten an evenings walk or evoke lonely feelings. In the 1820,s there was even an astronomer who told of seeing whole cities on moon. I wonder if he got hold of the caterpillar’s hookah.

autumn moon
grinning like the cheshire cat
from high in the tree


across the sky
Luna in her silver chariot
draws nigh