Day 32 Three Legged Dog: Haibun Journey View From My Window

Outside my window water encases the tiny branches and stems that once held leaves. The sky is a steel grey and a three legged dog lops across the yard. I’m reminded of the Lost Dog’s song with the verse “he’s a three legged dog, but he’s still pretty good.” This was a tribute to their loosing Gene Eugene from Adam Again. I thinks about all the things that aren’t quite right, but are still pretty good, starting with the dreary weather. Good thing -inspires lonely haiku, perfect day for catching up on laundry and cleaning fishtanks. I think about families and relationships, how things rarely turn out as you planned, but still end up pretty good. Don’t be complacent, but be content and have a grateful heart.

in the autumn sunlight
a three legged dog
with a four legged shadow


outside my window
rainfall with a heavy hush
I dream in haiku