Day 30 Keep Looking: Haibun Journey — View from my Window

It’s grey outside my window, from every angle. I’ve checked all day and from every window searching for some spark of inspiration. Not because I am an unbounded optimist, but because I know a small bit of hope can carry one on. We hope every day that the small bit of good we do will make a change in the world. If you want immediate results you will probably be in for disappointment. The fact that we get up each day and try to help someone, doesn’t change this, but over along time if each person spread a little kindness, things would change. So I prefer to keep looking for a sliver lining, or a ray of sunshine. It may be grey all week, but I’ll keep checking. Each day I hope that I can chip away at the pessimism and make one corner of the world a little less grey.

grey clouds form
in the fading November
I search for light


around the world
struggles overcome
on grain at a time