Day 26 Last Days of Autumn: Haibun Journey — View from my Window

I gaze outside my window at an ocean of brown leaves. Nostalgia greets meet like the morning sun. Thoughts drift to my daughter playing in deep piles of leaves. Memories that team with her rare smiles and laughter. Looking again at the leaves I think about plucking a myriad of leaves from her long tangle hair.

Then my memories drift to my own childhood and leaf fights and walks in the woods. The dry leaves crunching under the steps of 8 pairs of shoes. This was not a quiet reflective walk. I still hear my parent’s voices trying to reign us in as we ran about willy nilly; and our voices yelling “Cheerios” as we searched for echoes. As we shove our way to be king of the hill, I’m nudged back to the present with the sounds of a waking household.

leaves crunch underfoot
arms outstretched in victory
king of the hill falls


autumn morning
nostalgia and memories