Day 24 Wind and Romance — Haibun Journey View from my Window

Outside my window the wind howls, dies to a soft moan and then howls again. My thoughts race across the lonely moors chased by ghost and banshee tales. Then suddenly I am standing on a lighthouse widow walk watching for a ship I know will not return. The wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald plays in my mind. I dare not open the curtain, but pull the comforter over my head. Sinking in the softness of the pillows, I dream of summer days …. you call my name across the threshold. A touch of wind and romance.

other worldly fog 
howling across the moorlands 
Hounds of Baskervilles


wind and fog 
across the moors 
your ghost cries


the wind howls and moans 
inside we light a fire 
romance and mystery