Day 21 Clouded Vision -Haibun JourneyView from my Window

I look out the window tonight with clouded vision. Orion shines high above, so clear and bright, even his hilt is visible. Somehow I expect something different, something drastic as my heart is torn in sorrow. I grieve for the young boy who has lost a second parent in less than two years, I grieve for my elderly friend who must bury her son, for my friend who must bury her brother, for my friend and the great loss to our community. Some how the stars appear cold and distant. The universe continues without observance of one bright star that has unexpectedly burned out.

stars shine bright
without observance
of a light gone out

autumn’s passing
a spectacular show
sorrow in our hearts

your laughter and smile
your welcoming ways
not to be forgotten

In memory of TJ Hill with love and prayers