Day 19 Crescent Moon: Haibun Journey — View from my Window

From my upstairs window the neighbors maple towers agains a blue grey dawn, black against soft hues of pink. Above it all in the clear cloudless part of the sky hangs a crescent moon.

early morning
high above the trees
crescent moon shines

I look at the scene through the colored sections of the small stain glass squares in the hallway. The red and blue wash the color away, yet through the yellow the horizon seems to sing. The squares of this stain glass window are not intricate, or even pretty. I leave it for two reasons. I love how it often reflects a rainbow of color on the walls. The second it reminds me of my early childhood. Specifically the glass spice jars with glass corks mother filled with different colors of food coloring and had sitting in the window sill. They were magical to me, reflecting light, coloring rainbows. I found some of these jars at a flee market. They sit in a spice rack in my sewing, each filled with a different color of buttons. Nothing exciting, but it makes me smile.

colored light shadows
dance upon my wall 
memories sing