Day 18 Stillness: Haibun Journey — View from my Window

This morning everything is still outside my window. The daylight is slowly showing without any fanfare. Not a single leaf or branch moves. No birds or squirrels in search of breakfast. It is hard to believe that everything is so motionless when I am squirming inside. My hand and feet on pins and needles. I let the curtain slide shut and wallow in self pity momentarily. This is going to be a tough day not to just give up. But I want to accomplish so much today and I can’t succumb to the pain. I try to quiet my mind. Suddenly, I hear honking. Raising the curtain, I peer out to see a flock of geese changing formation. So close, I can almost feel the air from their wings. Then for a moment a distant tree is lit up golden, the sun’s rays reaching my heart. Then everything is still and grey again, except one shriveled leaf still clinging to my maple waves at me.

cold morning
in the cry of the goose
my sorrow echoed

golden rays
light the forest
and my heart

sunlight kisses
the wild geese’s backs
I want to fly