Day 15 Moonless Night: Haibun Journey — View from my Window

It is a moonless night, the black sky not quite as dark after peering at it for awhile. It is laced with shades of blue. On a clear night like this, you can see Cygnus which lies along the line of the Milky Way. With very clear dark skies under the outstretched wings, you may, see a region which is darker than the surroundings. This is called the Cygnus Rift

Indigo sky
dotted with faint lights
swirls with color

I’m drawn to the cold still darkness, waiting with expectation for something to happen. I wonder how often to we waste time wishing for more excitement, something else…. failing to live in the moment and simply enjoy. In the darkness stars twinkle faintly and whisper tales of the ancients.

Cygnus soars
over the Milky Way
causing a rift