Day 12 Green Bushes- Haibun Journey — View from my Window

As I get ready to pull back the curtain, I wonder if I will see anything different. Half expecting snow, yet I see brown leaves and green bushes. There are no birds among the branches, not even the sound of their songs. No visitors have been to the feeders since, I last filled them. Well not really one cardinal came a few weeks ago, sat on the feeder, looked disgruntled and flew away without ever tasting the seeds, And the suet… gone along with the new holder, the birds never getting a taste because of the raccoon. That damn raccoon, who steels the suet and the suet feeder every time I replace it. I wonder if he is hiding in the green bush or if he is still haunting the room above the garage.

green bushes
stand out against the brown lawn
spring so far away