Day 7 — Creamscicle Tabby

A pale orange and white tabby wanders into the yard. The color reminds me of orange creamsicles filled with vanilla ice-cream. After checking side to side, he wanders into the garage. Putting his fat paws on the wheelbarrow he arches his neck and he peers in. Then he meanders through the mess of wood and tools lying about. Finally the cat returns to the driveway and washes his face before padding into the yard. He is fat, but graceful. He begins to slowly scrutinizes the weeds. Poised as if hunting… but alas it comes to naught. He lazily makes his way to the garden, stopping by a bare spot near the shed and playfully rolls on his back. Suddenly he’s up, ears alert for something only he can hear. No, it was nothing. He carefully baths, licking his fur and private parts. What a contortionist as he sits and puts his front paw across his back. Oh, to be able to reach anywhere to scratch. Alert again to something only he can detect, He explores the edge of the wooded area and methodically makes his way across the yard and out of sight. The wind picks up and leave race down the porch roof.

kitten on soft paws
primordial skills heighten
leaf scurries away